Dough Activity Backpack

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Take home your favorite Sesame Street characters with our Sesame Dough Activity Backpack!

Features padded, adjustable straps and zipper.

Includes the following items: 4 cans of 2oz non-toxic dough, 4 shaped dough cutters, 1 press-down extruder, 2 extruder shape tools, and 4 activity cards.

Perfect for travel and makes a great gift!



SKU 02245

  • Resealable, zippered backpack with padded, adjustable straps.
  • 4 cans of non-toxic 2oz dough
  • 4 shaped dough cutters
  • 1 press-down extruder
  • 2 extruder shape tools
  • 4 activity cards.



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Sesame Street Dough Bucket